Maddy Casey




I feel privileged to be able to combine my love for dogs with my passion for Bowen Therapy. Taking the time and patience to develop a trusting and respectful relationship with dogs is vital to me; I feel that this is the key to the healing process.

I originally trained with the European College of Bowen Studies and co-founded a social enterprise offering affordable therapy for children with disabilities in the Somerset area. Because of my life-long love for dogs it was a natural progression for me to undertake specialist training with the European Guild of Canine Bowen Therapists to become a canine practitioner. I have been running my busy practice since 2005 - treating both people and dogs.

I have a degree in Biology from the University of Sussex, and I have always been fascinated with how bodies work from a scientific point of view. Since studying Bowen, I have developed a keen interest in how holistic bodywork has such a profound effect on the physical and emotional wellbeing of people and animals. Right at the start of my Bowen training, I was amazed that such a gentle therapy could have such dramatic effects. I continue to be delighted with the responses to treatment and my work with dogs has deepened my respect for the effectiveness of this technique.

I am a full member of the following professional organisations:

  • Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA)
  • Canine Bowen Technique Association (CBTA)

I am an accredited Bowen therapist with additional qualifications in Anatomy & Physiology and First Aid. I abide by the BTPA and CBTA Code of Conduct and Ethics and am committed to ongoing training to develop my skill.

Meet my dogs


Charlie 2000-2013

It wouldn't seem right not to have Charlie on this page. He was a rescued ex-racing greyhound who was by my side until summer 2013. I cherish the memories of the time we shared. He was a funny, bouncy, silly dog with an exuberance that stayed with him throughout his life. It was a very great gift to have Bowen to offer him as he aged, to help him cope as he went through the natural transitions towards the end of his life. When I discovered he had cancer, it was wonderful to be able to support him holistically with the help and guidance of Nick Thompson (Holisticvet). He had a lovely life and a very peaceful and happy old age, enjoying his last days lying in the sunshine in the garden - always his most favourite way to spend time.



Nemo is a collie-type mix in his senior years who previously lived as a stray with thousands of other dogs at a large steel plant in Romania. He was fostered by Irish Retriever Rescue in the UK before joining us in 2010. Nemo is just about the sweetest soul in the world. He just adores being a pet, he just loves to be warm, clean, fed (very important - food!) and loved (cuddles, even more important!). He can mostly be found snoozing on a duvet or pile of cushions somewhere. Nemo prefers an easy life, favouring sleep over most other activities. Although he does love his walks in the fields, there is no chance you'll see him out if the weather conditions are unfavourable! Nemo has a very awkward gait, with significant trouble with an old injury to one of his elbows. He has regular Bowen to help him with his movement - this boy absolutely loves his treatments.



Petra is a scruffy little sweetheart. She is a twelve year-old podenco lurcher, adopted from Ibizan Hound Rescue in June 2008. Petra is a very special dog to me because she and I have struggled a lot to find out how to help her to be happy. She was attacked by a loose dog shortly after being rehomed, with lasting effects on her confidence. She has high anxiety levels and is very sensitive, so she requires a lot of help to feel good about life - I feel that Bowen helps enormously with this. She is a very bright, funny dog and she loves to have jobs to do. One of her favourite activities is "snoopervising" the front garden in between appointments; she likes to know who has been visiting the treatment room. She is in charge of Quality Control (biscuit jar monitoring) which, as you can imagine, is highly specialised work. She can mostly be found with her head in a hedge, looking for frogs and helping me with time-keeping (Petra is very exacting over schedules). She has done tremendously well over the years, improving all the time. Although she is still very anxious at times, I know that she has found happiness and stability in her life now.


Mr. Mousington

We adopted Mr. Mousington in July 2014. He's a funny-looking youngish long-short dog of delightfully indistinguishable breed heritage. He hails from Romania, is very characterful and has a lot (and I mean a lot!) of love to give; he simply adores being loved back by anyone who is willing to spare a moment or two. Mousy has not had an easy life and was found terribly injured on the side of a road in November 2013. He had multiple fractures to his pelvis, sacrum (lowest part of the spine), tail and two of his legs. He was very lucky to have been found and pinned and plated back together by some clever vets and some wonderful people who donated money to pay for his treatment. As a result of his injuries he is rather wonky and his tail is paralysed (well, it *was* paralysed but regular Bowen is helping him to regain his wag!). He has a determined spirit but his body doesn't quite manage to keep up so he does struggle with pain at times. He absolutely loves having his Bowen sessions and I hope that it will help him to be as comfortable and mobile as possible in the years ahead.

I should mention that Mr Mousington is a dab hand at Facebook and regularly updates his followers on my Facebook page.



Berry is a five year-old mixed breed who we have trained to help my husband with tasks around the house. She finds exciting adventures wherever she goes and is a very sweet and loving young dog. She is very active, intelligent and keen to be involved in everything going on. She loves her Bowen treatments, which she mostly has when she's relaxing on the sofa in the evenings.