Reiki healing for animals

relaxed dog

Reiki is an ancient healing system with its origins in Japan. Hands are lightly placed on the body, with the aim of promoting a feeling of deep relaxation. In simple terms, the idea is that every living thing has energy and Reiki aims to influence and rebalance the energy of the body as a whole. The whole body is treated, with emphasis on specific problem areas where there might be heat or tension.

I find Reiki healing to be a very useful adjunct to Bowen for some dogs. Initially I trained out of personal interest in this area of work. Since then, I have found it helpful to offer for some of the dogs who come to me for treatment. It can be given as a stand-alone treatment, or offered at the beginning or end of a Bowen session. The times I find it most helpful are for worried dogs as they develop confidence and trust in accepting bodywork, for elderly dogs and during post-operative recovery. I find that the gentle contact applied during Reiki seems very calming and soothing for dogs, and their breathing rates will often slow as they settle and relax.

As with Bowen, treatment is never forced on dogs. Careful observation is used in just the same way to ensure that your dog is comfortable with this work, and the dog always guides the treatment session.

Special note

Veterinary consent is not required for Reiki, but I always advise you to ensure that veterinary advice has been obtained for any conditions for which you are seeking help for your dog. If you are wishing to combine Reiki with Bowen then veterinary consent is required for the Bowen part of the treatment.