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"Our rescued ex street dog Wiley can be very nervous in new situations and he is really wary of entering unknown buildings. So I wasn't sure how he would cope entering Maddy's treatment room for the first time. I needn't have worried as he literally dragged me in there! Wiley loved having Bowen Therapy and he was so relaxed by the end of the session, he didn't want to leave! Not only is it lovely to see him relax and enjoy Bowen Therapy, he is also no longer lame after exercise and his digestion is much better. I would highly recommend Canine Bowen and be assured that your dog will be in very good hands, in fact s/he might just want to stay there!!"

G.H. - Bristol   (June 2015)



"My first visit to Maddy came about because I was the winner of an auction for Hounds First Sighthound Rescue & I planned to take Sam my slightly creaky 8ish year old lurcher. A couple of houndy friends suggested I take 4ish year old reactive lurcher Holly to see if Maddy could help with some of her issues. I have to admit I was very sceptical but decided I had nothing to lose.

Holly was very reactive to other dogs, especially German Shepherd type breeds, I would cross the road to avoid most dogs. She was also fearful of certain people & noises caused her a lot of problems, especially fireworks & thunder.

I warned Maddy before seeing her that Holly may not let her close and may sit in the corner shaking. Holly promptly proved me wrong, Maddy immediately went onto Holly's "like" list, which at the time was very short! Holly took to Bowen Therapy like a duck to water so we decided to go ahead with another session. Holly has now seen Maddy for several sessions, she can walk past most dogs without problems, we only get a real reaction if a "rude" dog invades her space or she sees a German Shepherd type that she doesn't know. Her Human "like" list is very much longer & we are able to manage her noise fear with a thundershirt, pet remedy spray and loud music.

All in all Holly is a far happier dog and we will keep up her regular visits with Maddy as long as Maddy will have us."
V.A. - Weston-super-Mare   (March 2015)



"I just wish that I had found out about Maddy and Bowen earlier – for I am sure that Henry (my beautiful 13 year old and much loved Pointer/Springer/Collie cross) would have reaped the benefits sooner and would have been spared several years of Metacam – for the Bowen so helped him in his last 6 months from a rather arthritic chap to a re-born young dog – his walks became longer and much more fun, the whole essence of his being! Henry loved Maddy – and thoroughly enjoyed his treatments, knowing exactly where he was going, happily trotting into the treatment room. I’m sure he knew that Maddy loved him and that her skills helped him! He and I will always be indebted to Maddy’s undeniable talent for healing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Maddy's skills."
J.S. - Shipham



"I have had the pleasure of owning Ody, an 8 year old rescue greyhound, for the last 5 years, but in the last 18 months I had noticed a developing anxiety associated with loud noises. Having endured a particularly stressful few weeks over the firework season last year, I began to look for ways to help Ody. After reading an article that suggested Canine Bowen therapy may be of benefit, I contacted Maddy. I must admit I was somewhat sceptical, wondering how a seemingly massaged based therapy could help a dog with anxiety issues, but I couldn't have been more wrong!

From the first session, Ody has shown improvements. He is much more relaxed in his general demeanour, more playful and sleeps better. He is happier on his walks and less reactive to noises. When there is a thunderstorm or fireworks, Ody can still worry but to a lesser extent. The major difference is that he doesn't carry the anxiety over. Previously, after an 'event', he would be anxious and often difficult to walk for sometimes weeks after but this doesn't happen since the therapy started.

Ody loves his visits to the 'tickling lady', taking full advantage of the memory foam mattress and the delicious treats. He would definitely recommend trying Bowen Therapy as would I!"
E.O. - Chippenham



"Over the field this morning Sparkie was full speed running by himself just for the fun of it. I have not seen him run like this for year at least, he looks like a 5 or 6 yr old when he is running with pure enjoyment. Sparkie's motto is born to be free and born and bred to run and with your help he is living every word of it now"
P.T. - Nailsea

photo of Tidy


"I brought Tidy (11 yr old Staffie x Lurcher) for Bowen as he was crunched up in pain with IVDD (Intervertebral Disk Disease) affecting his spinal column. His feet would curl under, making it impossible for him to walk for himself. He was in a lot of pain. He couldn't act naturally, walk, wash himself, move his neck, roll over, he had no neck or leg muscles and would just fall. Since having Bowen he has fully recovered! You wouldn't believe he was the same dog!

Literally, you could see the improvements in his body, walking and posture straight after each Bowen session. That and a bit of cage rest, souped up nutrient diet and you can barely tell he'd been ill at all (apart from the attention he demands now!)

Maddy is amazing with him, a true healer."
R.T. - Bristol

January 2014

Update - April 2014

photo of Mutley


"Mutley is an eight year old lurcher who has been fit and healthy most of his life until last year when he started getting very ill with repeated vomiting. Eventually he was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis which we are now successfully managing with a low fat healthy diet. The repeated bouts of very severe pain and vomiting had caused Mutley to be very tense along his back & in his abdomen. He was also grumpy with any dog who bumped into him in the park and he wasn't quite himself. Being quite a big & chunky lurcher the Bowen therapy really helped to relieve the pain & tension that Mutley was suffering. Mutley is always really happy to see Maddy and seems much more his usual chilled out self after his Bowen therapy. Mutley is especially happy to receive a healthy treat after his session and it's lovely to see him playing with his teddies at home again!"
G.H. - Bristol

photo of Bliss


"When I first took Bliss, my Bernese Mountain dog, to see Maddy for Bowen therapy we had been struggling with her mobility for some time and she had become lethargic and depressed. I was looking for somebody who could work with Bliss very slowly and gradually as she finds it difficult to relax around people and really needs to take her time and build a trust. Bowen was perfect for Bliss as Maddy spent as long as Bliss needed to feel comfortable with being handled during her Bowen sessions whilst understanding her emotional needs.

Here we are many months on and Bliss has benefited hugely from regular Bowen treatments with Maddy - she is a much happier dog who enjoys life again and is moving much more freely than before. Bowen therapy has helped to balance Bliss as a whole dog and made an enormous difference to her overall health. I would thoroughly recommend Maddy for Bowen therapy - not only is she a very skilled therapist, but she has a wonderful understanding of dog behaviour too."
S.C. - Axbridge (

photo of Eddie


"Maddy was a godsend when I adopted Eddie, a retired racing greyhound. He had so many issues, mainly emotional, including noise phobia and destructiveness when left. Maddy's treatment has enabled him to manage his fears on the whole, and helped me to understand him so much better. I am so pleased that he is so much happier in himself. I also now have an unchewed house!"
D.H. - Bristol

photo of Cassini


"Hello! I am a Bull Terrier rescued from a puppy farm and my name is Cassini. I went to see Maddy for stiffness in my hip and back legs. I'm a quiet, super friendly and affectionate, stoic dog but full of life (even at my age)During my treatments I relaxed further into allowing Maddy to work only the areas which I presented to her; I know what I like!

My mummy was very impressed at how knowledgeable Maddy was, as well as her respect for not pushing a dog or giving treatment if the dog gave a any sign they did not want it. Over time I would fleetingly present the most tender and sore areas for Maddy to work and would rest and return as I felt I needed, she has a bed in her room! And biscuits! My mummy loved watching me have my treatment, she said she was fascinated to watch the effect it had and how it loosened up my tight areas. Thank you Maddy! Love Cassini Bull Terrier aged 11 and 3/4"
K.S.D. - Bristol (

photo of Amber

Amber, 10 year old greyhound

"We adopted Amber when she was 8 years old and she came to us with typical injuries that are often found in ex racing greyhounds. She had old broken & badly healed toes, arthritis and lots of scars indicating previous injuries. She was also shy and although very loving towards people any sudden noises or bangs would frighten her.

I was expecting Amber to be a bit nervous on our first visit to Maddy but Amber quickly made herself comfortable on the memory foam mattress and fell asleep while we discussed her history & health concerns!

When giving Bowen treatment, Maddy is always very gentle and respectful of what Amber is happy with. I was really surprised that Amber was not only relaxed, but also interacted in a playful way with Maddy on her first and subsequent visits. The Bowen Therapy has really helped Amber with her arthritis, tense back and also a painful neck injury. It is also lovely to see Amber interact in such a playful & confident manner."
G.H. - Bristol



"We brought Roly, 15 year old Jack Russell, along to see Maddy for Canine Bowen in the hope that it would help improve his fear-based aggressive tendencies stemming from being a long-term Rescue Centre resident. Since receiving Bowen he has calmed down noticeably and is not as reactive when out walking. If he does react to another dog, he brings his attention back to us more quickly. He's also had the added benefit of Bowen supporting his general health as he advances into old age. He certainly enjoys his regular sessions with Maddy, particularly if the right treats are on offer! Maddy has great knowledge of dogs and clearly has a real affinity with Roly, who settles into the 'Bowen routine' and makes himself at home in her treatment room quickly!"
H.W. & G.W. - Westonzoyland



"Sassy is a highly loving, friendly and excitable dog. She has some problems with coping with life and this usually shows itself with her becoming very excitable and over-friendly. Since starting Bowen Therapy over a year ago, Sassy has become much more calm and able to deal with life in a more relaxed way. When she meets people and other dogs she calms down much quicker. Many people who Sassy knows have commented on her change in behaviour and what a well behaved girl she is. Sassy loves having Bowen treatment and Maddy is one of her very most favourite people."
H.M. - Bristol



"Our dog Martha is a ten year old rescue greyhound. She has been diagnosed by our vet as having hip dysplasia and arthritis. Martha used to struggle to get up our stairs and would get very shaky legs whilst standing to eat her food. Her appetite had never been that great.

Since receiving Bowen treatment she has so much more energy. The stairs are no longer a problem for her and her shaky legs are much improved. Her appetite has also increased and she looks so much better for putting on some weight.

Martha is quite nervous of new places and people but she loves going for her Bowen. She gets excited now when we get out of the van and she realises where she is. She often falls asleep during the session as she is so relaxed!"
S.H. - Worle


Buddy - Anxiety, Destructive Behaviour

"I first found out about Maddy and Canine Bowen from Alison at "Waggy Tails" and was keen to give it a try as although sceptical of holistic treatments I wanted to do all I could to help Buddy who had not had the best start in life. Buddy, a young Doberman, has a had a few treatments with Maddy which has helped him to relax, on one occasion he fell asleep which was brilliant as he rarely shuts off and relaxes completely. Thanks to Maddy and Bowen I am now more aware of how Buddy is feeling on a day to day basis - I am looking forward to taking Buddy to see Maddy for a Bowen session again soon."
F.S. - Wells



"My little dog Holly was bloated, overweight, very lethargic, with itchy skin. While at the vets, he commented that she was overweight, and said it was not fat, but that she seemed very bloated, as if her skin was too tight for her body.

I said I would like to try Bowen Therapy, as I had spoken to people who had taken their dogs for Bowen with great success. My vet was very happy with this idea and consequently I took her to Maddy.

For the first few visits, Maddy just took time and with great patience got to know Holly. Small movements of treatment were given as and when Holly was happy to accept them. Nothing was forced upon her, or rushed in any way. I noticed how gentle and non-invasive Bowen Therapy is.

After about four visits, I could see that Holly's neck and shoulders were less tight. This improvement has continued over the weeks, and now she is a different little dog. She is eliminating waste products efficiently. She is no longer like a bloated little barrel, but has a proper dog shape. I took her to the vets to get her weighed, and she has lost 2 kgs. They were delighted with that, as I am, because now she runs and plays with my 7 month old puppy. It is like a miracle for Holly, as she clearly feels better, is interacting with life and enjoying it. Try as I may I could not improve her condition, but now thanks to Maddy and Bowen Therapy, Holly is the little dog she deserves to be.

Thank you Maddy, keep up the good work."
P.C. - Cheddar


Tosca - Lameness

"Tosca was suffering a lot of pain in her right front leg, she would limp each time I took her out, the vet put this down to arthritis. It was suggested that she could take painkillers, have an x-ray and, if needed, have an operation at Langford. Before going down that route I saw a leaflet for Maddy's Canine Bowen Therapy. After the first appointment, the limping stopped. I now take her for an appointment about once a month, on rare occasions she may limp very slightly. I honestly can't recommend this treatment highly enough, I now have a happy, pain free dog again. It also seems to have sorted out her very sensitive stomach as well!"
S.M. - Meare


Scrumpy - Aggression problems

"Scrumpy was a police rescue collie-cross about 10 months old when he adopted us. There was no evidence of any abuse and no information about his history - not even a name. He loves people and children but not other dogs and was extremely aggressive. He was also very disobedient and ran off at every opportunity.

From the first session with Maddy he became more controllable off the lead and responded more positively to training. After three or four sessions his aggression had almost totally disappeared and now he walks away from other dogs showing aggression. It is now an absolute delight to take Scrumpy on walks. He is obedient and deserving of our trust. He is regularly off his lead and enjoying socialising with other dogs. Friends and neighbours are amazed at his transformation. We strongly recommend the services of Maddy to anyone with a dog having behaviour problems."
M.C. - Hutton


Alfie - Lymphoma

"Alfie my 9 year old greyhound was diagnosed with lymphoma in October 2009, for which he is receiving chemotherapy, although Alfie has done very well receiving his chemo treatment it has not been pleasant for him. During a conversation with Maddy she suggested we try Canine Bowen Therapy for him of which I agreed, it could not do him any harm. I have been amazed at the results, on one of our visits Alfie really was unwell due to the effects of the chemo, not eating, shaking and really not himself. After his treatment he took some treats from Maddy and went home to eat most of his dinner that night. The next day he began to play again began putting on weight over the next few weeks and we really have never look back since. Alfie has five more chemotherapy treatments left and at the moment is in remission and I shall continue his sessions with Maddy. Keep up the good work Maddy."
V.R. - Worle


Polly - Suspected immune-mediated arthritis

"How I wish we'd sought out Maddy several years ago. Polly has quite literally blossomed. I've seen her change from a depressed, frustrated dog who often struggled to shuffle outside to one who will run and bounce with excitement. Admittedly she isn't particularly elegant but before we met Maddy and her magic fingers I wouldn't have believed it possible for Polly to move as she now does. It's almost as though Maddy has taken her to pieces, oiled all her little bits and then carefully put her back together again.

Polly is a sensitive but strong willed girl who wouldn't respond well to someone she didn't feel comfortable with. She thoroughly enjoys her treatment sessions and seems to have an excellent relationship with Maddy; made possible I'm sure by Maddy's gentle unhurried approach, taking her time and always making sure she works within Polly's comfort zone, always listening to Polly and never being tempted to push her further than she comfortably wants to go."
S.S. - Severn Beach


Rodney - Urinary incontinence

"Our 9-year-old rescued West Highland Terrier was dribbling urine constantly, day and night, was out of sorts and off his food. Antibiotics were ineffective, and thorough veterinary investigation under anaesthetic revealed no structural problems. We were warned we might "have to learn to live with an incontinent dog". However, after just one Bowen treatment, he was brighter, eating better and dribbling much less often. After 3 treatments, the problem had all but gone. He was eating well, and seemed like the dog we used to have. We find that his incontinence comes back if he has been worried so he has a session with Maddy when this happens and the dribbling stops again. We only need to see Maddy every 4-6 months now to keep him dry and happy."
A.C. - Glastonbury


Ben - Hip dysplasia & arthritis

"Our German shepherd, Ben, suffered with hip dysplasia from an early age and had one hip joint removed as a young dog. By the age of 13 he had been through every anti-arthritis medicine the vet could suggest and as a result he had a very sensitive stomach and no longer tolerated the drugs without bloody stools and nausea. Ben's posture was typical of many old German Shepherds, he couldn't walk far without having to sit down and his back paws would sometimes knuckle under indicating nerve damage. Despite this, he was very determined and would insist on coming on two walks a day with my other dogs, even if he couldn't go very far. At night he would pant and seem uncomfortable. Our vet could offer nothing due to Ben's sensitive stomach. We tried acupuncture which really helped, but after a while Ben became sensitive to the acupuncture needles. We heard about Bowen therapy and hoped that it might help. Ben loved receiving Bowen, he would often give a deep sigh and relax into a really deep sleep. We found that after Bowen treatment Ben's posture improved, he looked more upright and less lop-sided when he walked. His evening panting ceased and we were really happy that Maddy had been able to improve the quality of life for our old boy."
G.H. - Bristol


Mick - Problems with movement and flexibillity

"When we first met Maddy Casey, she asked if Mick had always suffered from an imbalance in his movement.

We knew that he didn't sleep well, and night traumas were regular. So, eight weeks later and after over a year of Mick politely complaining, we thought we'd give Bowen a try. During that hour our excitable - no let's be honest, plain daft - retired greyhound went into what could only be described as a state of complete bliss. The treatment was completely relaxed and Maddy took so much care to match the treatment to how Mick felt, and even provided cups of tea.

The difference was immediate, and startling. Previously, Mick would need to manoeuvre carefully into a lying position, but now slides effortlessly into bed. He can curl himself into a cosy corner spot, and will spend most of the day there given the chance. The stiffness we missed is clearly gone and being horizontal is a joy for Mick.

Maddy is very modest about the wonderful work she does, but don't be fooled: Bowen works."
S.P. - Backwell


Jack - Arthritis and fear of fireworks

"My 10 year old rescued greyhound Jack has been suffering with arthritis in his right shoulder and I hoped that Bowen therapy might help him. Jack also has a slight heart murmur and he was suffering with extreme phobia of fireworks, hot air balloons, thunder and even heavy rain! If we heard a loud bang in the park, Jack would pull me all the way home terrified. When frightened, Jack would pace, whine, cry and shake violently and refuse to settle. He wouldn't eat and his behaviour was distressing both for Jack and me! Even though he can be a shy dog, Jack loved receiving Bowen, he is always happy to see Maddy and relaxes throughout his treatment. As well as helping relieve Jack's arthritis, I was amazed that the Bowen has had such a dramatic affect on Jack's phobias. After Bowen treatment Jack is no longer terrified. He will tolerate heavy rain and thunder. He will settle when he hears fireworks and even eat his favourite treats. If we hear a loud bang while walking outside, Jack will continue his walk and no longer pull for home. I am so pleased that Jack is able to relax and no longer feel so terrified after all those years of fear. We had tried many different treatments for Jack's phobias over the years, but none of them have come close to having the dramatic affect that the Bowen treatment has."
G.H. - Bristol

Baloo and Midge

Midge - Anxiety, obsessive behaviours and touch sensitivity
Baloo - Relaxation

"When I first found out about Bowen from Maddy I was very keen to give this a try as I am interested in holistic treatment. I am so pleased with the results it has helped with both my dogs. I have a St Bernard cross Labrador called Baloo and a Jack Russell called Midge. Baloo is a young dog who has a had a few treatments with Maddy which he loves and he fell asleep in one session which was lovely to see him shut off and completely relax. Midge is a Jack Russell who is 6 years old, he suffers with anxiety and obsessive behaviours, he finds it hard to relax and switch off, he has always found it uncomfortable being touched especially on his back down his hind quarters, but now with having Maddy's magic touch he will now not worry about being touched on his back or hind quarters and his obsessive behaviour has calmed down. Bowen has helped me learn so much more about both my dogs and how they are feeling from day to day. Thank you Maddy."
A.G. - Worle


Monty - Behavioural problems & allergies

"Monty is a rescue whippet who came to us from an uncertain background. He'd obviously been treated poorly, and was frightened, undernourished and anxious. He was in general poor health but also had an undiagnosed allergic lung condition. He fitted in well with our two female whippets, but was very fearful and aggressive with other dogs. If any dogs came near, or were not on the lead (and therefore unpredictable) he would immediately begin lunging, snapping, barking, foaming at the mouth. He was quite difficult to control and to calm at these times.

We've worked hard to restore his nutritional state and treat his various ailments, and also did a lot of research into behaviour control. Monty had a session with a behaviourist but the treatment recommended was quite dominating and didn't suit Monty at all, making him more frightened and aggressive.

Bowen Therapy was offered, and we felt it might help. He had 3 initial sessions and seemed to really enjoy them, finishing each session in a much more relaxed state. His general stress levels reduced and he was much easier to handle when other dogs were around. There were also other benefits to him being more relaxed - he quickly became much more playful with our other whippets, and was more relaxed around the house (not needing to shadow one of us so closely). He is still very uncertain of other dogs, and doesn't like them being around, but we feel more in control of the situation and Monty calms down more quickly.

Monty has top-ups of Bowen Therapy, especially if he's had a particularly stressful event and the on-going effect is very noticeable. He's a different dog to the one who first came to live with us 18 months ago - happy, lively and gleaming with good health. We are positive that Bowen has contributed to that."
H.H. - Flax Bourton