The Treatment Itself

What to expect

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Your appointment with me will last up to an hour. The pace and duration of the hands-on part of the session will be dictated by your dog (typically about 20-30mins). Your dog is treated on the floor, not on a table, and is free to move about and behave naturally throughout.

I will spend time observing your dog and talking to you about his/her behaviour, lifestyle and health - this helps me to build a fuller picture of your dog's life and the problems they are having.

During the hands-on part of the treatment I will suggest that you sit quietly - it is a time for both you and your dog to relax. You are welcome to help yourself to tea, coffee or a herbal/fruit tea.

Sometimes, a first appointment is just about your dog meeting me, with no hands-on treatment. If your dog is comfortable with it, I may take a video of his/her movement.

You will be asked to observe your dog after each session, and to follow post-treatment advice which may include simple changes to lifestyle and exercise during the treatment period.

Where does the treatment take place?

Treatment Room.

My practice is in Banwell, North Somerset. The treatment room is on the ground floor, so it is easily accessible for dogs (and owners) with limited mobility. There is a large memory foam mat for your dog to lie on. Fresh drinking water is available for your dog at all times.

I find that most dogs settle very well - and often stay on the mat for a snooze after their treatment. You may wish to bring along a your dog's favourite blanket or comforter to help them settle at their first appointment. I do suggest that you avoid bringing exciting toys or treats - these can be rather over-stimulating.

Home visits

I offer home visits if your dog cannot be moved for health reasons, if they are particularly anxious or elderly, or if you have problems that prevent you getting to me. If this is the case, please contact me. There is an extra mileage charge for this service.

How many treatments will my dog need?

This will depend on your dog - there are no hard and fast rules. I find that dogs often respond quickly to treatment and often one or two treatments are all that are required to achieve a noticeable change. However, for some dogs things may take a little longer - perhaps three treatments at weekly intervals and then a break before reassessing. Follow-up treatments may be helpful after an initial course, and again the duration between treatments will depend on the dog. Some dogs return after a break of a few months and some may never need to come again. Every dog is different but a general rule of thumb is that long-standing conditions may take longer to resolve than acute ones.

An initial course of two treatments is recommended, ideally about a week apart.

The way I work

My style of treatment is to work with absolute respect for the dog. I am aware of, and try to understand, the deeper issues that may present as physical or emotional problems. I will never push a dog to receive treatment, and I find that dogs soon learn to feel comfortable enough to "ask" for what they need. This might be with subtle changes in their body language or with more overt signs like offering different parts of their bodies. I feel it is my job to try "listen" to the dog as best I can, and to only work within the comfort and trust of the dog. I very much work to the maxim of less is more - you will find that I often perform very few moves in a session and I allow the dog to end the treatment whenever they feel they have had enough.